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Corporate Information

Ceed is a technology platform built to aid computer programmers in the creation of common, yet essential source code that their applications depend on to deliver small, medium and enterprise grade systems.

If you'd like to know more about the company, or have a proposal for us, please get in touch by clicking the contact team button below.

Ceed makes use of several third-party software packages and frameworks. We are grateful to the teams behind these projects.

VueJS by Evan You - MIT License (view)
Twig by Sensio Labs - BSD License (view)
SweetAlert by Limonte - MIT License (view)
Laravel by Taylor Otwell - MIT License (view)
Bootstrap by Bootstrap Team - MIT License (view)
FontAwesome by Dave Gandy - MIT License (view)
CodeMirror by Marijn Haverbeke - MIT License (view)

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