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What can Ceed do for you?

Ceed is designed with flexibility in mind. From scaffolding the basics of your source code, all the way up to generating production-ready files. Simply define your requirements using a template-driven script, and Ceed will do the rest.

Automate the creation of forms to manage your database, validation rules to protect data integrity, repositories to handle CRUD operations, fake data or factories to populate your DB, unit tests to ensure valid code, and so much more.

Generating the foundational layer of your application is no longer a pain, but instead a breeze! Want to see some real examples? Subscribe to our case study series to see how Ceed can help you generate boilerplate code.

The Complete Toolkit

Ceed takes care of generating the important, yet time-consuming boilerplate code, so developers can focus on what really matters.


Abstract code into single templates, then integrate or nest them in your output.


Insert placeholders into your scripts and replace them during execution.


Employ a growing library of built-in methods to modify content during execution.


Repeat source code within templates using numeric or array-based loops.


Execute one or many blocks within your templates using sets of dynamic criteria.


Upload your database table creation scripts to aid in the generation of boilerplate.

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Web Editing

A fast, feature-rich means of writing scripts in the browser. Take advantage of line numbers, highlighting, find and replace, jump to line, code feature snippets, multiple cursors, smart indenting, and more...

Don't fancy coding to a stark white background? No problem, Ceed includes an optional dark mode that you can enable to reduce eye strain in low lighting conditions. Just go to settings and flick the switch.

API and Plugins

Prefer not to use a web browser? Looking to automate code generation? Need to cluster your operations in batches? No problem, Ceed has your back with a straightforward API to render your scripts.

Further streamline your workflow with snippet-style trigger words. Used in combination with an IDE plugin, you can quickly run a script with a minimal payload and be working on generated source code in seconds.

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Rich Documentation

Whether you're new to code generation or a veteran of hacking templates together, Ceed has you covered. Each feature is broken down and carefully explained so you can get the most out of its capabilities.

These are then applied to a practical example, which grows as each new feature is introduced. This allows you to see how you can integrate the entire feature set to aid in automating your workflow.

Pricing Options

All Ceed features are available for free, however the number of times you can execute your scripts per month (the execution count) is limited. The paid monthly plans provide much higher execution counts, making them more suited to professional use.



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